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We always put safety first.

We are sometimes asked to make stairs in a design that deviates from the guidelines. Mostly for appearance's sake. However, our choice is to only supply stairs that conform with current safety requirements.

The rules are there for a reason, and all of our stairs comply with current norms and legislation in the markets in which they are sold. Some pictures on our website could therefore show designs that are allowed in other countries but not in Sweden.

For example, Swedish regulations do not allow a balustrade design that enables climbing. Even the gap between the stairs and other openings must be designed so that children cannot creep through and get stuck.

But you need not worry. We know what applies and make sure that your stairs follow the guidelines. It is also important for you because you could be held liable if you fit a non-safe staircase.


The market-leading manufacturer

Behind the leading market brand Drömtrappor® is Trätrappor Norsjö AB, the largest and leading staircase manufacturer in the Nordics. We have been building stairs since 1923 and our know-how and experience puts us at the forefront of developments in the sector.

  • We are a driving force in safety issues – we work systematically to develop the safety aspects of the staircase environment, internally and within the sector.
  • We have developed a host of smart solutions that make staircases both safer and more stylish like, for example, MountIn®.
  • We are continuously developing new methods to give our customers the possibility of getting the staircase of their dreams.

The company is located in Norsjö, Västerbotten, and we have one of Europe's largest plants for the production of wooden staircases. It is also one of the most modern, boasting a good range of specialist machinery. Most importantly, we have a workforce of 130 all with a mission to make your staircase the most beautiful piece of furniture in your home.
We have an AAA rating at Soliditet® and annual sales of roughly SEK 135 million.



Company details:

Corp. ID 556309-7038

Trätrappor Norsjö AB
Snickargatan 2
SE-935 32  NORSJÖ

Phone: switchboard: +46 (0)918 - 258 00

Trätrappor Norsjö AB, 935 32  NORSJÖ. TEL +46 (0)918-258 00