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Why replace your staircase when it works fine?

There are many answers to that question but you have to pick the one that suits you best. The desire to renew and change the feel of the home is the main reason for many people. Just as it is when one renovates the kitchen or the bathroom.

But replacing the staircase also makes it possible to improve the function of the staircase, improve safety, facilitate communication between the floors and give your home a huge lift. To the joy of all who live in the house and those who may move in later. A new staircase increases the value of your property.

In most cases it is as simple as changing kitchen cupboard doors. An experienced DIYer will manage the job by simply following the instructions. But we recommend one of our fitters with specialist training and experience of fitting staircases. You then get the best result.

See the opportunities that change brings about

When making other home improvements it suddenly becomes clear that it is time to replace the staircase. Sometimes a large rebuilding project may be behind the decision, or it could simply be down to a desire to change the décor.

Always begin by asking which feeling you to want to create. Should the staircase be light and breezy or convey a heavier, more robust feeling? Do you want to create a light environment, or give the staircase depth by choosing a darker nuance?

These simple questions will guide you in your choice of model, type of wood and colour. Have a look in our inspiration gallery for staircases you like. Have an impartial chat with one of our retailers as soon as you can for lots of good advice.

Nearly everything is possible

We will help you customise your staircase, there are few limitations. The limitations that exist are due to regulations that do not permit certain solutions. One example is balustrades with horizontal bars. This kind of staircase is easy for a child to climb so is not allowed. These regulations are valid even if there are no children living in the house.

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