• Anticlockwise stairway

    A stairway that viewed from below winds to the left is an anticlockwise stair.

  • Baluster

    Another name for the posts (laths) in the railing.

  • Block step

    The first tread of the stairs, made slightly wider than the others to give a more welcoming feeling.

  • Child safety list

    In an open stairway (without risers) a strip is fitted under each tread to prevent children from creeping under and getting stuck.

  • Clockwise stair

    A stairway that viewed from below winds to the right is a clockwise stair.

  • Closed stairway

    Refers to stairs with vertical boards (risers) between the treads.

  • End knob

    Round wall handrails can terminate with a turned knob.

  • Floor structure

    Limited normally by the distance between ceiling and surface of the floor above.

  • Floor structure covering

    The board that is sometimes used to cover the floor structure.

  • Floor structure opening

    The opening between storeys where the stairs are placed.

  • Free stringer

    Refers to a stringer not fitted against a wall.

  • Inner stringer

    Refers to stringer of inner winding, usually suspended freely but not always.

  • Inner stringer railing

    Refers usually to railing of inner curve

  • Newel

    The sturdy posts at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs, sometimes also fitted in corners of the stairway.

  • Outer stringer

    Refers to stringer on outer winding. Is often (but not always) fitted on the wall.

  • Outer stringer rail

    Railing on outer winding.

  • Riser

    The vertical board between treads of a closed stairway.

  • Side beam

    The wooden beam in which the treads are secured (or on top). Some stairs have no side beams.

  • Side stringer

    A long beam used for structural purposes.

  • Stringer

    A long beam used for structural purposes.

  • Tread profile

    The front edge of treads can be made with various profiles.

  • Under rail

    The joist on which the balusters stand.

  • Underlying string

    Stringer with treads fixed on top.

  • Upper rail

    The handrail fitted on the balusters.

  • Wall handrail

    Handrail secured to the wall, for stairs of which one side runs along a wall.

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