Visit a few people who have taken the step.

Many of our customers get in touch spontaneously to tell us how satisfied they are with their new stairs. Pay a visit to a few of them to see what it looked like before and after a new staircase was installed.

Note how not only the staircase changed but the whole environment. Sometimes using very simple means, a lick of paint and new wallpaper, for example.


Before and after the new stairs

The entrance hall area has been opened up to let the new staircase work as a welcoming center piece in this house.

Före och Efter

Före och Efter övervåning

The new staircase has opened up the entrance hall area. The walls around the staircase have been removed and replaced with an open staircase with underlying stringer that further enhances the open and breezy impression. The new staircase, white paint and new wallpaper make the upstairs floor much lighter.

Före och Efter

This 1970s house has a new focal point. The old staircase, as in many homes from this period, completely dominated first impressions. The oak tread and white stringers and balusters match the new oak floor that replaces the old laminate floor covering.

Före och Efter gillestuga

A classic pine staircase clad in needle felt that descends all the way into the furnished cellar has given way to a slimmer staircase with oak treads, white stringers and stainless steel balusters.

Före och Efter - kedjehuset

Many houses in Sweden have roomy halls designed to accommodate the family's necessities, but can still feel small and cramped. The spacious feeling changed radically when Alice moved in.

Före och Efter -trappa i flera våningar

Some houses need more than one staircase as in this case, a house with three floors with the entrance on the second floor. The new staircase allows light to filter between the floors, thus avoiding a dark stairwell.

Före och Efter - 40-talsvillan

An enclosed and steep staircase with laminate-covered treads steps out of its dark corner to become the focal point of the hall. Our Sara staircase was given plenty of room to impress when the adjoining closet was removed and a matching oak floor was laid.

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