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Is it difficult to replace a staircase?

No, it's always easier than you think.

I'm building a modular house from a house manufacturer. Can I choose one of your staircases?

We collaborate with many house manufacturers. But even if you order from a house manufacturer who normally doesn't buy our staircases we could probably come to some arrangement. Contact the manufacturer and ask them to get in touch with us and we'll try to help you.

Can I replace the staircase by myself?

If you're an experienced DIYer then the answer's yes. But we recommend that you request help from one of our retailers for the fitting as well. Handling the awkward parts that make up the staircase requires experience to reduce the risk of damaging the stairs and the surroundings.

Isn't it cheaper to renovate the existing staircase?

A renovation kit will enhance the appearance of the staircase, but it won't be like a new staircase. Old problems like creaking stairs still exist and do not improve, quite the opposite in fact. In addition, there's not a lot of difference in price between renovating an old staircase and buying a new one. You also get the opportunity to decide exactly the kind of staircase you want.

Is it possible to replace the treads on my staircase?

That depends on the model. You retailer will be able to advise you.

Why didn't my fitter use glue when putting together my staircase?

Quite the opposite to what you may think, glue is not used because it leads to creaking. A special material is spread on the parts to reduce friction. The parts are joined using special screws.


Can I get any type of wood that I want?

Nearly. We do not select wood that does not hold the distance from an environmental perspective. We only use wood that we are 100 per cent sure comes from sustainable forestry.

If I want the staircase glazed can I choose the colour myself?

You can choose whichever colour you like in the NCS system. The choice is yours.

I have my own idea for a staircase, can you make it?

It's doesn't usually pose a problem. However, your sketches may need slight alterations from a design and safety aspect. Bear in mind though that horizontal bars are not allowed. The regulations do not permit balustrade designs that enable climbing.

Why won't you make balustrades with horizontal bars when others do?

Many countries, Sweden included, do not allow balustrades with horizontal bars because they are easy for children to climb up. Unfortunately some manufacturers turn a blind eye to the risks involved. We always comply with the laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, and do not recommend balustrades with horizontal bars in countries where they are permitted. They function as steps and by not offering this type of solution we avoid the repetition of tragic accidents. Our customers and everybody else who uses the stairs can rest assured that we have done our utmost to make the staircase as safe as possible.

Can I buy spare parts?

Naturally. Should, for example, a tread be damaged, you can order a new one from your retailer. Each staircase has a unique identity and is stored in our memory, enabling us to produce a new part for you at any time in the same colour and surface treatment as the old part. Easy and simpler



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