Safe and sound

Since we were founded in 1923 we have delivered more staircases than any other manufacturer in the Nordics. This has given us unrivalled experience of widely differing situations. Stair safety is of prime concern to us. As market-leader we see it as our task to lead developments in the area.

Trygghet och säkerhet vid ditt trappköp


Buying stairs from us is simple, reliable and safe. Simple because we have good logistics from order to delivery. Reliable because we make efforts to please you. And safe because our stairs comply with current norms and regulations.

With a combination of craftsmanship and modern production equipment, we make our Drömtrappor® exactly in accordance with the specifications that we agree upon. We use only material of the very best quality.

We can help you in all steps of the process, from concept to installed stairs. 

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.


We are sometimes asked to make stairs in a design that deviates from the guidelines mostly for appearance's sake. However, our choice is to only supply stairs that conform to current safety requirements.

The rules are there for a reason, and all of our stairs comply with current norms and legislation in the markets in which they are sold. Some pictures on our website could show designs that are only permitted in certain countries.

But you need not concern yourself with that. We know all the regulations and will ensure that the staircase you choose complies with them. Our know-how is your assurance.

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